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Yeah, that’s right! Belgian committee for the games definitely doesn’t like boxes in games.

According to the report, combining games with any form of gambling is very destructive and dangerous, especially for kids.


Mainly due to Star Wars Battlefront 2,  in the game, they introduced boxes, which there were items which they made you an advantage over the players. I think you will admit it was not quite a fair right?


A large part of the society is children who PEGI does not warn about gambling(this does not apply only to Battlefront). I know from experience that this type of gambling advances them further. Everything starts innocently, in games everything is beautiful and encouraging it is not difficult to use a credit card from your parents, it would be harder to do it in the casino right? Belgian committee has taken into account other game then only Battlefront, exactly they overwatch? You can say it’s only skins, but these skins are random and it creates gambling.

Belgian Justice Minister is not going to just leave. The politician wants to block the purchase of packages with random content in any video game.

This is not about blocking microtransactions. It’s about removing randomness.

The Belgian Minister of Justice wants the player never to be sentenced to a random mechanism on the other side. The code can be manipulated after all. Boxes? Of course! But the only good way it’s like in Starcraft 2, we exactly know what is it in the box. In China Blizzard have to completely change political about random packs. “Card packs are given as a freebie alongside in-game credit, called Arcane Dust, therefore creating a legal workaround that enables Chinese players to participate in the pseudo-gambling fun without breaking the law.”

Now Blizzard and others company will just angry on EA! Star Wars: Battlefront II took a step too far. A tiny pebble caused an avalanche.


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