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First time of history of Starcraft 2 European gets to WCS Global final!

Serral as the only man in the world interrupted the Korean players’ streak by getting into the finals for sOs, Zest, Dark and 3-1 Rogue semi-finals, The last map was insane, Rogue made Nydus Network, he tried everything Serral’s defense was amazing, Rogue played well but it wasn’t enough for Finnish player, now he will face the toughest game in his entire life. His opponent will be Stats who defeated s0s 3-0. The Korean and Finnish have already met in the final of 2018 GSL vs the World in which Joona Sotala won 4-3, so it is possible that Europe and more specifically Serral has overcome Kora which has been ahead since 1998.

We will find out in about one hour!

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Prize pool of WCS Global final



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