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Ladies and Gentlemen!  We would like to announce new sponsor of Blacer Limited! 

Masters of Nodes is a website that is focusing on masternode cryptocurrencies.

Masternodes are more and more popular. That is why a lot of scammers trying to make money by making “great” coins and disappear after presale or dumping premine when the coin hits exchange.

At this site you can find reviews of different masternode coins that look like legit, have working products, use cases and probably are not made by unfair people.

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But can not ensure you that all of the coins that are reviewed here are 100% legit. We are using information which devs provide on websites, chats, and forums. are trying to be as more objective as possible.

At this site, you can also find the most important news from masternode coins, announcements made by teams, articles and more.

Thank you for giving us a chance

Team Blacer


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